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About BNC

About BNC :Established in early 2017, BN Capital is a well-known investment institution in the field of Blockchain equity and digital asset investment. Our main businesses include investment banking and investment. BN Capital is based in Shanghai and global-oriented, with most of our partners and employees coming from top investment banks and financial institutions at home and abroad.


BNcapital is a professional blockchain investment institution. BNcapital has created the Aurora Token Fund blockchain investment fund according to the idea of value investment. At present, Aurora Token Fund has invested more than 20 quality projects worldwide.

BNinsights is the Blockchain research division of BN. After more than two years of research and accumulation, BNinsights has formed three research modules: industry research report, project rating, and Token economics, and continues to input the latest research results for the development of the Blockchain industry.

BNadvisory is the investment banking business of BN. BNadvisory introduces the consulting strategy of international investment banking, and combines the industry characteristics of the Blockchain to accumulate a wealth of experience in Blockchain project services. BNadvisory has served more than ten blockchain projects, covering multiple sub-sectors.

BNcomedia is the media platform owned by BN. BNcomedia has established in-depth content cooperation with mainstream media and Blockchain media at home and abroad. At the same time, BNcomedia owns a professional media service matrix to provide a full range of media services for the project.

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